Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Queen and Princess

For the last month, my wife and daughter have been walking around with a non-stop smile on their face. Yes, it's that time of year again... Holiday Season. My girls love the holidays, because it is an excuse to decorate the house, the yard, and themselves with the colors/themes of the season. This month is, of course, Halloween. Thus, the house and yard are Pumkin headquarters of Friendswood.

My wife even went so far as to add a hay to the front porch. Almost gives me a flashback to my childhood, growing up in Sweeny, and the smell of feeding horses w/ my mom or feeding my papaw's cattle. I love that smell.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Friendswood's Fall Festival courtesy of the Crocker's :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Melanie's Olympic Addiction

One of the things that endeared me to my loving wife was our common athletic history. Melanie excelled as an athlete in high school and college. As a HS Coach, sports are my passion and at times my addiction. However, Melanie and I rarely watch sports together. UNTIL NOW! My wife is an Olympic Addict. She watches the NBC Olympic telecast start to finish in prime time. Even though I am a bit sad to give up my Astro games on a nightly basis, I LOVE watching the olympic sporting events with my wife. I am exhausted from staying up late to watch all the events and getting up at the crack of dawn for football two-a-day practices.... BUT, it is sooooooooo worth it to share this time with my wife.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2 Year Anniversary

Today marks 2yrs to the day that Melanie and I got married. Amazing how time has flown. I have a hard time remembering my life before God gave me Melanie. She is everything a man could want... intellegent, beautiful, caring, understanding, and loving. Is there anything more? I think not.

This past year Melanie has been my rock. She kept the family organized for a deep playoff run in baseball that led all the way to Round Rock and the state tournament. She packed Elise, arranged for Bailey/Dexter to be taken care of, kept the house in order, packed herself a bag, completed a full work week, and still managed to be the great coach's wife. Melanie was AMAZING

Then there is Elise, coach's little angel. When Melanie and I got married it was a package deal... 2 loves for the price of 1. Elise was 18 months old when we meet and on July 6th, we celebrated her 4th Birthday. Again, where has the time gone? No greater feeling for a coach than to have your loves come give you a hug and kiss after a great win or a tough loss. Melanie and Elise are my life, my soul, and my world. I thank God everyday for the chance to be apart of their life.

So, on this day that marks our 2 Year Anniversary, I say to you My Love... Happy Anniversary Melanie! I heart you for your unconditional love and the man you make me strive to become.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Review of article: "Partnership for 21st Century Skills"

A website "Partnership for 21st Century Skills" is a website that I read and attempted to evaluate. The mission of this website is to give every child in 21st century Amercia the knowledge and skills to succeed as effective workers, citizens, and leaders. One of the first set of goals stated in the website is directed toward increasing the 21st century students information and communication skills. These skills include information and media literacy skills, as well as communication skills. Other skills outlined are thinking/problem solving skills, interpersonal/self-direction skills, and global awareness.